Monday, May 19, 2008

Son In Law/self centered JERK!

My Son in Law is a self centered Jerk! and that is speaking gently and not what I really want to call him. he seems to think life simply revolves around him and his wife doesn't matter.. this Jerk kicked his wife out because he feels she needs to clean the house more often and get a job, Oh he told me that if she cleaned the house on a regular basis then she didn't need to get a job..
My feeling on this is that if you truly love someone, you love them unconditionally, you do NOT place conditions on them for remaining married!!
Husbands should take care of their wife as well as themselves, My daughters husband gets regular hair cuts, new shoes, toys and other items, while my daughter goes without, shampoo, underwear, socks, clothes, furniture.. etc. and he expects her to cook dinner when he doesn't provide the food to cook! and he expects her to clean when he doesn't provide the cleaning supplies to clean! hell he hardly provides the roof over her head and utilities! SO she depends on her parents to help her get them items her husband should be providing! I think it's sickening that he can be so self centered and not see what he is doing wrong within the marriage his self.. and has the gall to tell my daughter what she is doing wrong, doesn't do, should be doing etc.. and kicks her out of the house!!!!
well she took everything that she brought into the marriage as well as everything that was a gift to her , he has basically NOTHING left in that house except a bed, dresser and a couch his neighbors gave him. Oh well is what I say..

Guess 7 years meant nothing to him..
I HATE seeing my daughter upset and feeling unloved and lonely
she deserves so much better than he was giving her.. he is a piss poor provider!!! hell he can't even provide his love to her cause he places conditions on it!!
well I said my peace I will close here.........

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bunitalk said...

Well some people like living with conditions set.. Love means nothing.. If you ask me..HOW the hell does someone clean the house everyday without the things needed to clean, dish soap, sweeper, laundry soap. come on now this mans ooops Boy is a jerk just like you said